A group of internet artists from all over the place who have decided to give each other a challenge every few weeks, on a theme chosen by each in turn. We have different ideas and styles, but share a love of textiles, and want to have some fun.

Items for sale.

The pieces on this blog are being made for fun or as a challenge, but sometimes will be available for selling or passing on.

This page can be used to sell, donate, or give away pieces of work done in the challenges.  Images of the work will appear here, but you will need to contact the maker direct or leave a comment.


Prices will appear under each piece. Please scroll through as images are kept in order of Challenge.


Work will be labelled as "available for swaps." Please contact the maker, through the links or leave a comment.

Charity sales:

The amount charged is to cover postage and costs only, all the remainder will be given to the makers charity of choice.