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Friday, 29 July 2011

Greetings from Clare

Hi everybody,
I'm Claire - based in County Clare, in the Mid-West of Ireland.

I work full-time as an Environmental Scientist/Engineer at an aircraft maintenance firm.

In my spare time, I love nothing better than to mess around with fabric and paper. Really like dyeing and printing fabric.
Have a blog: Millypenny

At the moment, I'm Editor and Webmaster for the Irish Patchwork Society (IPS). I only have 1 more newsletter to do, and then I can hand over to my new sub-editor, so should have a lot more time on my hands.
I'm also the Editorial Rep. for the Mid-West Branch of the IPS and look after their blog as well.

I have an idea for the "lights and shadows" theme in mind. Based on a photograph from a holiday in Spain that I've always wanted to do something with, and now's my chance. Just have to get my thinking cap on and figure how to turn it into a textile piece though...

Looking forward to seeing what everyone is going to make for the challenge - it's going to be very interesting!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Claire, I know we've blogged-crossed, but nice to hear about you and what you get up to as I had no idea. It should be extra fun for you to have a friend like Paula to work alongside with too. Good luck with the Spanish theme!