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Monday, 25 July 2011

Sue - here I am

Posting from London where I'm visiting my Mum in the house I grew up in.  Normally I live in a village between Bristol and Weston-super-Mare, not far from the birthplace of our Annabel.  One day, I'll actually meet her.  I have met Liz, and know almost everyone else from blogland/yahoo groups and the like.  So, ladies, it's lovely to be with you here.

I'm going to be 57 next month and have had ME for 23 years, before which I was a zippy social worker and young Mum to Sarah (now 24 and living away from home).  I also have arthritis and am awaiting a hip replacement op, probably in September.  Harout and I also have Anna (20) and Ben (15).  I am not really a patchworker although I have dabbled a bit over the years, and especially when I took C&G Embroidery.  Thus I guess I'm more of an embroiderer but I'm a technique tart and dabble with many different methods of working.  I have also started painting again, having found a lovely teacher within reach who is helping me achieve acrylic paintings I'm well chuffed with.

It occurs to me that my most recent painting is kind of about light and shade, and that I took loads of light and shade-relevant photos at the Chelsea Physic Gardens yesterday afternoon (lovely place to visit).

Lots of possibilities to explore, aren't there? This is going to be fun!

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Anonymous said...

Cor, that's a cracker Sue. I like the shadow under the tree. Lovely to see you here and here all about you. I always think of home when I see you on FAcebook or blogs, and we will meet one day for sure!

There's no size limit btw. Originally I said not smaller than 10", but I think it's for you to decide. I like big for myself, so just do what you want to.