A group of internet artists from all over the place who have decided to give each other a challenge every few weeks, on a theme chosen by each in turn. We have different ideas and styles, but share a love of textiles, and want to have some fun.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

No longer drowning, just waving!

I will put my hand up as a member who has not fulfilled my committment to the group since I joined last year. However, I am keen for the group to continue, perhaps restructured, but certainly revitalised and refreshed. To demonstrate my committment, I would like to post a photo of my contribution to the latest challenge: Reflections... but for some reason I can't load the photo, so I am putting the link to my blog instead, where hopefully you will be able to see it. http://contextilequilting,blogspot.com.au I don't know if a change in format will revitalise the group, but it certainly can only help to present our work in an up-to-date way that reflects our enthusiasm for textile art. Life became very busy for me last year, and I have two unfinished challenge pieces - once I felt the group had moved on, I guess I sort of lost interest. But I find the concept of "the group" very nebulous, and I wasn't quite sure who else was potentially posting or viewing. I am keen to continue, to engage with the creative community in this quite personalised way, and to be pushed in my artistic endeavours. Kathryn p.s. if someone has a hint as to why I can't post the photo, please let me know!

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