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Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Idea...

...is set in my mind and now the materials are ready.  
I'm combining three photographs altogether - two of them are windows taken in Lacock Abbey - a fascinating National Trust property.  I've taken a photo of one window with an interesting wall around it and the objects from the windowsill in a different photo to create my own window.  The view outside is going to be a textile piece created from a photo printed on silk from the garden at Dyrham Park - another favourite property which we visited this year.
I can't wait to get started - I'm really excited about this!  It's been great seeing how my wedding quilt is developing but I really do need an artistic diversion after all that quilting!


Julie said...

I can see where you're going Angela and it looks fascinating already. Good luck with its completion!

Angela said...

Thanks Julie...I'm going to need luck!