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Tuesday, 18 October 2011


This projected work had its origins in the almost unbelievable events of this August. It will become part of a series on this theme. I was horrified, as everybody was, by the destruction and looting which took place but I was equally angry at the draconian sentences passed on people who hadn't really done that much. It is influenced also by Ralph McTell's greatest song 'The Streets of London' and this will probably feature in the future.
The following pictures represent only 'pegs to hang my hat on' at the moment. I have several possibilties for the window element. The picture below is from a series taken at the de la Warr Pavilion, Bexhill.
I am influenced as well by the fact that Armistice Day occurs during the course of this Challenge. I know that dates are meaningless when looked at as curiosities but it is interesting that in this year it will be 11,11,11,11. This will not occur again for a century. I hope to use this as my background as I think about Kipling's lines which I shall paraphrase as 'was it for this they died.
I am experimenting with a combination of photographs taken in my local churchyard and poppy pictures. I am thinking of overlaying them and probably laminating the result.
These are some of the ingredients. I must collect the rest and make the recipe.


Julie said...

Your concept sounds very exciting Jenny and I shall look forward to seeing where you take it. I hadn't realised the date connotation. There seem to be quite a lot of interesting number combinations this year.

Jenny said...

Thanks Julie. It is really great when members encourage you. I went by Trafalgar Square today with Jarrow 2011 in full swing. It took me back to the '36 March and Alan Price's great song.