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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Architecture Challenge Piece

A week or two later than promised but its done. When the piece was printed I was amazed by how suitable this piece would be for last challenge, just cannot get the Burren images out of my head!

Ancient Arch

I love ancient ruins, the skill involved, dreaming of what the structures were like in their heyday, oh the romance of it all !
Played with images in photoshop for a few days, layering, cutting and stretching till I came up with image below which I printed onto A3 transfer paper which is about ten years old (one of the problems of hoarding), wasn't sure if it would work.

Next was what fabric should I use? While looking through my white collection I came across this :

Some textured cotton, so transferred image on it:

As the transfer paper was so old I wasn't sure what would happen, a few pieces lifted but was very happy with transfer as the texture of the fabric came through as a hoped:

Once the quilt sandwich was assembled using polyester wadding, I started machine quilting with some variegated thread and then bound the piece with black to finish.

Close up one

Close up 2


Julie said...

I love the Burren too Paula :-) I like the idea that it is possible to link one challenge to the next and I was going down a similar route myself linking Through The Window with Time initially. I've since veered off with another idea.

I like the idea that the texture of your fabric enhances the textureof the building.

Paula Rafferty said...

Thanks Julie, it's amazing how some pieces just work and come together easily while others are a battle of fabric and will! Gonna get my Time piece started, might actually get it in on time!!

Angela said...

That's beautiful Paula, I absolutely love it! I have a lot of transfer paper - sometimes it work, sometimes it doesn't! I think that might be down to me... Your piece has turned out nicely :o)

Paula said...

I know Angela, we're at the mercy of the paper!! I've found HP the best quality but find it hard to get now, what brand do you use?

Angela said...

I actually use Lesley Riley's Transfer Artist Paper - very expensive but great when I can get it to work properly. Here's a nostalgia quilt I made using it ... http://www.flickr.com/photos/patchworkmad/5445599257/in/set-72157626004135429

...there is also another here http://www.flickr.com/photos/patchworkmad/5445599059/in/set-72157626004135429/