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Monday, 8 August 2011

I think inspiration may have struck!

I have been very restricted by my injured forefinger: gashed as a result of it being shut in a car door, it was healing nicely but then developed an infection: most owww-y and tender.  The antibiotics seem to be kicking in now so I hope it will soon co-operate with me in my creative urges as I have a lot of things I want to be getting on with.

Anyway, I was surfing through the www using my nine-fingered typing, and was once again failing to find a print of David Hockney's Garrowby Hill painting, when I came across the lovely black and white photography of William Guion, (more here) which fed nicely into thoughts I had been having about our Light and Shadow theme.  Also, dear Elma kindly put up her post and I could see that her take on trees would be different to mine, so I felt better about it.  However, Elma, I really hope you don't feel I'm treading on your toes...  One of the photos (I will not disclose which as yet) was particularly inspiring and I felt I could see how I would get the effect I want, which kind of related to the painting I posted recently.  My fingers have been busy, ordering some materials from eBay and I feel very excited about starting work when they arrive and my finger allows, hopefully before our holiday starts in 9 days time...!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous link, thank you for that. I love them, they're so restful.

Sorry to hear about your finger - ouch! Hope it doesn't interfere with your creation too much. xx

Elma in Lochwinnoch said...

Sue.......in no way do I feel treading on toes!! Looking forward to seeing your take on trees.....I am a very "pictorial" person and I am sure yours will be far more interesting!!