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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Just a spot of admin (1)

I thought I'd just post and keep you up to date with some admin and other stuff.


You might have noticed that some free standing pages have been added at the top of the blog. One if for links to your websites and blogs, and I need you to say if it's ok to add your links, which websites you want linked, and which images you want to use next to your name.

There is also a link to a page which will allow you to swap, or sell a piece (either for yourself or for charity) This will be done challenge by challenge. You will need to let me have a picture of the piece concerned, together with a price. Contact with you can be through this blog or by email, or you might like to put a Paypal button on. The charity price should include an allowance for p&p and give brief details of the charity you wish to donate to.


I've left a comment on Esther's posting but thought it ought to be on this posting too.

"It's early days yet, but I've had a couple of emails asking about the size of quilts so thought I'd mention it again here.

No size was set for the challenges as the idea was to allow free reign rather than restrict work to something quite small - or put everyone off by going too large. Sometimes ideas lead to something which a size rule would spoil. BUT, I guess if the blog evolves and exhibiting becomes a possibility (I'm thinking for example of the 12x12 group at foq.,) then a uniform size would make things easier both to hang and to look at."

Of course if sales and swaps get going, there might not be a full set of pieces in each challenge, to exhibit!

Any thoughts on the above or other things please leave a comment or email me. Thanks, A xx


Esther said...

Am I the only one thinking non stop about this? I can't make my mind up on size or sell / exhibit potential.

Anonymous said...

No, it's tricky Esther. I don't think many have got round to this posting yet, but there's no mad rush as we can always change stuff as we go along.

marion said...

What was the question again?

I'm happyish with 12" by 12", but would rather work at journal (A4) size if we're going to impose a size. Just don't like working in squares.

Paula Rafferty said...

I like A4 myself compared to square. I feel it may be restricting some people. I love to use A4 for trying out ideas which are then turned into larger pieces. I like the idea of swapping or selling pieces but would also love to exhibit!!

Angela said...

I've only just found this post what with the FoQ and the 10 day quilt-a-thon!!!
I too prefer to work in A4 size - I have a pile of art quilts this size...must do something with them!
I'm not too sure about swapping or selling...but maybe if anyone showed an interest I could be persuaded. I wouldn't mind exhibiting either if the chance came up.

Deirdre said...

Just catching up life has been overwhelming to say the least.

I'll go along with whatever size is discussed but one of the reasons I liked this idea was because I didn't think there were any restrictions, just our interpretation of the theme?