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Saturday, 25 February 2012

My Archi-texture piece

I seem to have been focussing a lot on bricks and stones and general architectural marks in my printing over the last few years so I decided to make a piece using some of the various fabrics. My plan at first was to do a sort of free-form log cabin but since I didn't bother to consult my C&G sample this went a bit awry rather quickly!

As one of my reasons for participating in this challenge is to try out new techniques, I decided to use freeform rotary cutting and also a self-facing rather than traditional binding (using Kathy Loomis' excellent tutorial.)

The fabrics are a mixture of cotton, silk dupion and another sort of silk which was a right pain. They had been printed at various times with a selection of fabric paints, thickened procion dyes, thickened natural dye extracts, and rust; mostly with thermofax screens and/or found objects.

One curious thing I have noticed about my design process over the last few months is that I seem to end up rotating most of my finished work 90 degrees before I'm happy with it, and this was no exception. I must have some sort of curious lopsided mind!! That's probably why most of my work ends up a strange shape as well!


Julie said...

I'm trying to get to grips with more printing techniques so it's interesting to see the different results you've got here Liz. I love Kathleen Loomis's blog, she is very generous with her tutorials and often thought provoking too.

Kathryn said...

Amazing how you have been able to provide a wonderful unity amongst all these different fabrics - created at different times, with different techniques and images and colours. And yet it all comes together as though you had planned it so from the very beginning!

Sue said...

It's a great use of your screen printed fabrics and the colours work so well together, too. It's so rich in texture through the printed patterns and piecing: I think you chose an excellent way to quilt it without detracting from those features.