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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Better late than Never

I'm only about six months late!
Sorry everyone
So here it is my

Through the Window piece

" Window to my heart"

This piece was inspired by pictures I took in the Burren in Co. Clare with Claire as our tour guide as  research for a larger group piece.
For the last couple of years I've been working on an Elemental theme incorporating the seasons as related to life cycles. It's me working out who and where I am
 ( end of summer, moving into autumn!)
I feel a strong bond to ancient rural sites and the power they hold.
As a child I grew up about half an hours drive from Newgrange, one of the most well known ancient sites and had two ruins of castles to play in, just several fields from home.
Here I've tried to blend me into the ancient stone looking through one window into the past.

 I love to play with all types of photo transfer and have used several of them here. I've used bits of images transferred using transfer paper, image maker and bubble jet set. They all react differently with the fabric and create interesting effects when layered.

Detail showing effect achieved by use of walnut ink wash

This image was taken from an ancient grave stone

and this is the back of the piece which I quiet like.
I burnt the edges so that I wouldn't feel obliged to bind them!
I wanted to keep a raw feeling to the piece.


Kathryn said...

Wow, Paula, this is beautiful - both front and back! I would love to learn more of your different photo transfer techniques - which one did you use where, and what different reactions that you noticed.

Claire said...

Love your piece Paula, even the back of it is great. And I see the little smiley-faces from the headstones made an appearance...

Julie said...

It was worth waiting for Paula and what an amazing childhood you had! It was interesting to see the different processes you have used. I like the raw edge.

lisette said...

that's really beautiful, paula - and i'm a firm believer that binding detracts from an art quilt! (and i hate binding...)