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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Proudly presenting

Finally finished, here is Memory #1, The Game :
From the beginning I  had in mind to use the idea of this game. In germany it is very popular (mostly amongst children) and known as MEMORY. The cards are lying upside down in the beginning, and one has to find the pairs of the same pictures.
First i collected pictures and fabrics wich said "memory" to me to use them for the cards.
Do you find the pairs? :-)
For the first time i used photoprint on fabric, it worked very well, but i think, it's not my medium. But here it was really usefull. My "memory"-items are
- a recipe from my grandma, written down by my mother for me (she still uses this sütterlin-font)
- some heritaged laces and cross-stitched fabric
- pictures from a wonderful day at the Rhine 
- a handmade print showing leaves from my garden
- a fragment of one of my to-do-lists (very helpful memory tool...)
The pairs are not exatly same, because even memories are never two exactly the same. 

The cards are loosely pinned to this background:
The background is more about loosing memory, memories are fading, get lost or mixed up. There are leftovers from the fabrics I used for the cards, parts of loved and wornout batic pants and grey woolfelt where memories are lost forever due to Alzheimer and others.
 At the moment it's hanging in my sewingroom without the cards pinned to it, and I really love it this way. I could imagine to produce more cards and play with them, changing the design from time to time.
If you visit my blog, flicKwerk , you'll find more posts about the process, labeled  "memory"


Kit Lang said...

Love this idea and the interactive execution of it!

quilthexle said...

Lovely piece - love the background and your memory tiles !!