A group of internet artists from all over the place who have decided to give each other a challenge every few weeks, on a theme chosen by each in turn. We have different ideas and styles, but share a love of textiles, and want to have some fun.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

The First Challenge

Righty ho then, and off we go! I'm setting the first challenge so that no one feels pressured into thinking of something for a completely new group; we're all unknown quantities! I'm keeping it simple for a first go, but be warned, I can get a bit strange!!

Challenges should be broad enough to encompass everyone's styles I think, and to give a bit of thinking room - although doing something out of the comfort zone is great too. My idea of a nightmare is for someone to say "Do a Mariners Compass 6" square in charcoal grey and cadmium red"  I'd need counselling.

You can post as you go along and share your thinking processes, or save it for the end date, which for this challenge is 23rd September, and will be Light and Shadow   Entirely up to you.


Angela said...

I'm on to it already :o)

marion said...

Yay...can I suggest the second one ?

Sue said...
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