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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Introducing Annabel

Blank page trauma.

Thinking. Thinking....

What to say, what to say?  Well, I'm 55 so sort of in the middle of the group age wise, so far anyway. I am married to Graham and have two beautiful wonderful daughters, that sadly don't live very near me. I was born in Somerset but I moved so many times as a child that I'm left with a permanent feeling of not having a place where I can park my heart. Warwickshire does for now.

I've been quilting for about 12 years and painting for about 4 years, and just recently the two have sort of melded together. I'm on some sort of happy journey but don't quite know where my destination is. It might be that I will continue to change and not have a style...ever!  I have no artistic background whatsoever and have come a little late to such things, so feel I need to cram lots in before I get too old to hold the scissors.

Whilst I'm painting, I think I'll never sew again, and whilst I'm sewing, I think I'll never paint again. I need to do both in some form.  I have a room which is the back half of a double length garage, which has been converted for me to use as a studio. It has huge glass doors which open and let the summer in - when we have any of course, and am free to produce whatever the mood fancies. I also like to work on a large scale - I like the impact large quilts make in a gallery space.

It's important for me that what I produce is meaningful in some way, and I'd love for it to be called art. That would make me happy.  I have a sense of humour which sneaks into pieces as well, without being asked! I don't know how it does that; it's magic.

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone does. Have fun everyone.


Anonymous said...

Can I just add a comment which is nothing to do with my posting? If you would automatically like to receive email notification of comments when they're posted, can you let me know please. I know some folk prefer not to have their inboxes cluttered, but in my case I love it. It's an opt in not an opt out, so don't forget!

Angela said...

I'd like to please - to my yahoo address if poss...thanks :o)

marion said...

Your post resonates for me, Annabel. I've been painting for ten years now. For a long time, I tried to keep the two separate, but finally realised that in fact, it's all the same,. The work I'm doing now is painting using photographs, really, constructing an abstract image from a photograph, and then stitching into it. And then, I think I'm likely to paint into that. I've already started to some extent, with an image which I've constructed, stitched and then painted using a Brusho spray.

Oh, and it's meaningful if you say it is . hugs

Liz said...

I'd like to opt in to email, please, Annabel!

Sue said...

Me, too, please x