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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

It's about time!

Well, better late than never, I hope.  Oh my, but I struggled with time with this challenge.  The idea developed quite organically but the realisation of my idea presented me with a lot of technical challenges to solve, and it's quite a relief to have completed it, albeit tardily.

So, my time piece is - a time piece!

It is a quilt (or two) and it works!  For more about the inspiration, the process and the problems, please follow this link.  Now to get thinking about Felicity's challenge, Land/marks....  Hopefully my time prompt will help me with this.


Julie said...

All the while I was growing up we had a grandmother clock in the hall with 'Tempus Fugit' written on it and it is certainly true. Time and the lack of it is ever present and I for one have been even more aware of how time figures in everything we do. How great to have a quilted clock to remind you to get and 'do it'!

lisette said...

i need one of those - what a brilliant idea - and beautifully executed :)

Kathryn said...

Very clever to make an actual clock quilt! I am struggling to read the quilted writing on the white background - probably more an issue with my eyes than anything else. What does it say?