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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Time Challenge "One Tiny Speck"

Late again, apologies, but yee should be used to me by now.
I was pondering this one for several weeks playing with ideas while doing all the other stuff that occupies my time.
I feel really small and humble when I think of the age of this large rock we call home.
And I'm beginning to feel time slipping away so fast.
I'm still waiting to grow up and become one of those adults and I was most upset last week to find out I was still at college when one of my students was born!!
I thought I cann't be that old, then did the math, and realised yes you are.

So here it is, been playing in Photoshop again.

Used the last piece of the A3 transfer paper I found and transfered onto white cotton.
Made my sandwich and started quilting.
Here's the original image:

The quilting didn't go very well as the transfer paper started disintregrating. I put it onto fine cotton this time, bad mistake !!

Here's a close up you can just about see some of the background layers peeping through.
Final closeup and time to move on to the next challenge.


lisette said...

wow that's stunning, paula - what an incredible amount of detail. a really complex, beautifully made piece :)

Paula Rafferty said...

Thaanks Lisette,
Will have to remake it when I get a chance I'm happy with design but not finished piece.

Kathryn said...

I really love the intricacies in your quilts. And I am flummoxed that you feel the need to remake it!

Paula Rafferty said...

Won't happen any day soon Kathryn,looks much better in the photo.

Jenny said...

What was the source for the image? Was it your own design?