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Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Well, here is my piece, 2 weeks late, but better late than never!

As I said on my blog, I was thinking of the passing of time and the different seasons that I had been observing in some reedbeds each month throughout the year.  I related it to the timelapse video function on some cameras and on programmes like Springwatch, where the camera takes photos of a slowly moving or growing thing at regular intervals; the resulting photos are then made into a video.

reeds timelapse wallhanging

I thought about the different colours of the reeds throughout the year; I first considered making it circular like a clock but decided that that wouldn't fit the subject... so I made it long and thin.  Mostly I used a base layer of cotton fabrics and then layered it with sheer fabrics, some of which were leftovers from my Reeds series.  It is bonded and stitched on to a foundation of lutradur and the raw edges left intact.

Here is a detail of the lower right hand corner:

reeds timelapse wallhanging, detail


Julie said...

Worth the wait Liz. I like the concept and the layering and raw edges. Great interpretation of Time.

lisette said...

wow - what a stunning piece, liz. the colours and textures area amazing

Kathryn said...

Beautiful! Especially with the back story. What are the dimensions? I am imagining it displayed on a wall. It certainly has a 'painterly' quality.

Liz Plummer said...

Thanks, everyone! Kathryn, I just went and measured it... it's 26" by 13"

amit malhotra said...

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