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Friday, 23 September 2011

DREAM ~ Angela Huddart

I made two pieces for this challenge as I had two ideas at the same time.  Both ideas are from the same photo of Dream, the 20 metre high sculpture by world-famous artist Jaume Plensa - http://www.dreamsthelens.com/ .  
I was so impressed when I visited it and took lots of photos from different angles.  Both my challenge pieces are from the same photo but using different fabrics - dupion silk on one made after posterizing the photo and I printed the photo onto Evelon & Lutradur for the other. 

For the quilting on the silk I decided to follow the contours of the face on the 'light' side and for a bit of fun I quilted curls on the 'shadow' to look like hair.

For the printed Evelon/Lutradur piece I cut up the Lutradur and lay it spaced out slightly over the Evelon, quilted a line of metallic thread in each space and the edges of the Lutradur are held down in the binding so stand away slightly from the Evelon.

The binding was the worse part as I didn't know what to do at first...leave it raw or neaten it up.  I decided on the latter when I found suitable fabrics for each piece - pale gold satin for the silk piece and a very pale blue Fairy Frost for the E/L.

I'm very pleased with how they've turned out - they're both A4 size and within my comfort zone!


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