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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Looking through windows with Sue

This is a magnificent Victorian window in the Orangery at the Imperial Hotel in Exeter, where I took my nephew and daughter to lunch earlier this year.  I love the ironwork and the distortion of the view beyonf and the reflections on the room behind me.

Taken through a rather grubby salty window in November 2010 when we stayed in Brighton at the Queen's Hotel.  The seagulls were sheltering from the cold sea winds.

I thought there were some nice shapes in this photo - the arcs of the chimney guards and the two seagulls in similar poses.

And this broken window in the Abruzzo, Italy, a year ago imposes it's own pattern on the view beyond.

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marion said...

Great photos, Sue. And the prize for first off the mark, too...had there been one...;-)