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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Through the window - Annabel - initial thoughts.

Through The Window, is more of a challenge than I realized.

Of course what you see through a window could be anything and everything, and therefore anything would go; it could be a garden scene, street scene, graveyard etc etc., but I think the window element is important, and needs to be in there in some way.

So, I have to put the window in (frame, attic windows etc) or I have to show the distortions of speed (Mags) or colour and texture (Liz).

After a bit of consideration however, I think I shall go along with trying to portray, in some way, a phrase my mother used to say to me as a child ....."you are the window through which you see the world"

Pages from my altered books will help too. The first one is of a window cut into a page, and I like the idea of making a window to look through.

This anguished page is more of a self portrait involving emotions.  I have to say lest you think me on the verge of collapse, I was taking photos of myself pulling faces in the hope of finding interesting facial features to paint. They all turned out to be ghastly, but waste not want not, they ended up in my Angst Altered Book!

 Since making this page, I've added a good dollop of paint to the images to tone me down a bit!!

This takes me off on a tangent and allows me to intepret the challenge is a different way. It's probably going to be more of a self portrait and may well end up as an abstract.


Sue said...

The eyes are windows to the soul

Anonymous said...

Ah so true! When you're in love and look deeply into your beloved eyes it's overwhelmingingly wonderful and hits you straight in the guts!!!

marion said...

Remarkable face pulling!