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Sunday, 27 November 2011

moon reflections: through the window

 here is my interpretation of through the window -  i tried a number of other ideas that just didn't work and ended up going with some small pieces i was puddling around with and it became something bigger.

each panel is a piece of linen sprayed with diluted black ink and stitched with silk thread. the moon centre was made by putting a round sponge in the middle of the fabric and spraying the ink around it.

the bottom layer is canvas painted with black gesso and a piece of silk chiffon painted onto the canvas with more diluted black gesso. each panel is stitched on the foundation canvas/silk layer.
the 'sticks' are pieces of cotton mariner's string soaked in a mixture of paverpol, fibre paste, black pigment powder and fabric paint.


Liz said...

I love all the texture you've got in this piece, Lisette, and the moon really shines through! Gorgeous.

Julie said...

An interesting piece Felicity, particularly in terms of the methods used. I like that it has texture too and the moon works beautifully.. I always wondered what to do with paverpol :-) There is a lot to look at in this piece.