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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

My Apologies ; Admin, Please Read

I've been a lousy group administrator, and I'm about to get worse. I have been very quiet, and those of you who know me will know that that is never a good sign. Life is busy happening, despite my plans; at the end of the year, my lovely husband will be without a job. This was not completely unexpected, but it does mean that I have a great deal to do to prepare for a possible move. I'm therefore adding insult to injury by withdrawing from this group. It's important for me to focus on generating at least a little income, as well as everything else. I'm really, really sorry to let everyone down; I clearly didn't know this was going to happen when I offered to help Annabel, which turned into taking over the admin altogether.

This means, of course, that you need another administrator...preferably one who knows how to work with Blogger. We need a volunteer...or volunteers. There's actually no reason why a number of people couldn't split the task up between them, making it perhaps easier to handle.

Once again, my profound apologies. Those of you who know me from AQL know that I don't give in easily, but on this occasion I have no choice. Best of luck to you all in continuing with this challenge.


magsramsay said...

Hi Marion, Don't beat yourself up about it, you've got more important things to concentrate on.
I'd be happy to take over the blog administration but I'm not really facebook literate.
This challenge has got my creativity back on track after rather a fallow year so I'm keen to keep it going

Anonymous said...

Hello Marion, I'm so sorry that all this is happening to you at the moment, and send you the biggest internet hug possible. I'm happy to take over the admin of the group again if it helps, but I can't take part in the challenges until after September/October 2012. For that reason you might prefer to let someone else do it, but the offer is there. I also feel responsible for it so am happy to do what I can. Take it easy, and hope all goes well for you xx

Sue said...

So sorry to hear this, Marion. Very happy to help in any way I can - am Blogger and Facebook savvy.

Bloody economic situation. What a beast of a situation for you. What sort of work is himself looking for? And you? Big hugs and much love xxx

Jenny said...

Very sorry to hear that, Marion. You will survive have no doubt about that although in these straightened times some types of jobs are few and far between.

Is anyone in temporary charge as I need to ask a question?

All the best.

Sue said...

What's the question, Jenny? I'm sure we can help...

Jenny said...


I am going to take you up on your offer.

The main thing was that I asked Marion for more time to finish as I have had an unpleasant virus which left me debilitated for some time after.

The second thing was that I sent a Profile for inclusion and for my name to be added to the sidebar but received no reply. Can anyone help with this?

I do not want to criticise Marion in any way but I hoped that these points could be resolved. You can see why I was a bit reluctant to put this to everybody.

I am working again now so am well on the way to finishing the Challenge.


Sue said...

I don't think there is a problem with extra time,Jenny - I've had the OK for this as it's taken me longer to be able to sit comfortably post-hip replacement, and am way behind... (is that a pun? not meant to be!)

About the profile, why not post it as a blogppost here in the meantime, and we can transfer it to the sidebar profiles when someone has the authority and the opportunity to do so.

Jenny said...

Many thanks Sue

I can relax a bit now. I hope that you are well on the mend.

I did do a 'Newcomer' piece when I joined but that obviously didn't count.

Who is setting the next Challenge?

Sue said...

Then we need to move that across when someone has the magic powers, Jenny!

sandra wyman said...

Sorry about the way things have happened, Marion: and thanks for having such a positive influence on the group. Hope things get sorted out for you both soon. Sending hugs!

Esther said...

Goodluck with the job hunting Marion, I know it's stressful but something is sure to come your way.

Thank you also for admining whilst you did, sending you lots of positive thoughts...