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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Through the Window (in the Burren)

Through the Window (Burren inspired)
I got the binding put on this piece last night, but by then it was a bit dark to get a good photograph of my piece, so had to wait for daylight this morning to get the photo.

A contemporary quilting group I'm involved with (Genesis Patchwork) are currently working on a group project about the Burren. The Burren in Co. Clare is famous for it's limestone rock, rare plants, archaeological ruins etc.

So I decided to use my "Through the Window" piece as a sample piece for my Burren project. I have a number of photographs of old church windows and ruins so I took 2 of this photo's and turned them into a thermofax screen. Then I screen-printed the windows onto hand-dyed fabric.

I then used my embellisher machine to add scrim, sari ribbon etc. to add a bit more texture and interest.  I got a pack of Derwent Inktense pencils in the post this week so decided to experiment with them on this piece as well. A stencil was used with the pencils to add the lettering.

This photo of a window in Carron Church was used to make one of the thermofax screens.
Carron Church


magsramsay said...

So atmospheric. I have fond memories of botanizing on the Burren.

Julie said...

It's a long time since I was on the Burren but your piece is bringing back lots of memories. I am very envious of your Gensis group :-)