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Friday, 25 November 2011

Sorry I'm very late

I'm not in a position to post anything yet, as I'm running extremely late.  As you may well recall, I had a hip replacement operation early in October and, while recovery is going very well, it is taking much longer than I thought and sitting comfortably has only recently become possible.  I have also been exhausted by the process of building up my mobility, so not the best of times to be creative and inspired.  I finally have had an idea of what I want to do but materials, whilst procured, are still on their way to me.  I will post as soon as possible but hope you will, on this occasion, forgive me for my tardiness.  I also dare not yet look too much at the other submissions, but well done, all of you who have managed to meet the deadline, and commiserations to those still on the journey.

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