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Thursday, 24 November 2011

More admin to please read

We seem to be in a bit of an administrative black hole in that we either have an admin who makes decisions or we have nobody who can make definitive statements.  What should we do?  Suggestions on an urgent comment, please!!!  Do we need a new deadline for our second assignment, as there are now three of us at least needing an extension - and Christmas is a-coming.

Jenny, we are working through the group alphabetically now for setting challenges, after Annabel started off as group originator, and then it was our Angela.  So, the next one due is Claire Lynch, who needs to get her thinking cap on....!

My own suggestion is that we have a primary admin with a second in command who can step in when they are not available for whatever reason.

As for Challenge number 2, when is a reasonable time to complete or post as is and then post later when complete?  Or should we stick to the original date, post as incomplete and then again whenever it is finished, so as not to hold up everyone else?

I'd also suggest that the next challenge date is towards the end of February, to give us enough time for the festivities.  Any other suggestions?


magsramsay said...

I've worked very hard to ensure I could reveal tomorrow but then it's deadlines that get me going!! If several people need an extension for various reasons, it sounds as if the deadline was unrealistic to begin with.
What about those that haven't finished giving an idea of what they've been doing however incomplete and then post the finished piece in their own time? It would be wonderful to see what everyones ideas are with the theme at approximately the same time.

I'm looking forward to cracking on with the new challenge -but I'm a bit confused who's actually in the group now. Several people have left and I wasn't aware that there were new people like Jenny.

My offer stands to take over admin.

Claire said...

I'm still trying to finish my "Though the Window" piece. My original idea hasn't worked out so have had to come up with a last-minute change of plan! So I have 2 more evenings to try and get it finished off..
I have a theme already in mind for our next challenge. When should I post the new theme? 26th November or give it a few more days so that people can post their "Through the Window" pieces.
I don't mind helping out with the blog admin either.

sandra wyman said...

I'll be stretched to complete but was aiming to and would like to: I like the idea that we go ahead with the reveal tomorrow, showing what we've got whatever stage we're at. I must admit that having a deadline is an important part of it for me, and would hate the idea of having deadlines that aren't, if you see what I mean. Obviously, where there are real problems that prevent people finishing on time we have to be understanding about it though!
I know that if I thought a deadline was flexible I would be tempted to take advantage of that!!!

Liz said...

I've just finished mine - deadlines get me going too! I also like the idea of posting at whatever stage we're at - I did that with my first challenge piece, which still needs finishing off!

Jenny said...

As a new member I am a bit reluctant to put my twopencehalfpenny's worth in but here goes.

I am one of those who have sought, and I believe, received an extension. I think that we have to accept that we are adults and the hand of fate does strike us. We do this for fun - it is not a job of work where we have to adhere to deadlines but even then we see plenty which are not met.

I appreciate that it a bit galling for those who have worked hard to finish on time but I have worked no less hard until the dreaded virus struck.

I did think of posting what I have although it is in a bit of a mess and I would prefer to post the finished version poerhaps without the quilting.

I think we should go on with the next Challenge as scheduled and the latecomers will catch up.

Margaret - I did post a piece 'Newcomer' on 26 September but have not been able to get my Profile added probably because of Marion's problems.

Sorry - more like a farthing's worth!

Jenny said...

A further thought. Is there a limit to the number of members in the group? Clicking on the sidebars showed 'no-hands' for 2 people. I got in because somebody pulled out. Is there a waiting list or other interested people to replace those who have left?

Also - somebody make a decision, perhaps a temporary administrator until things are sorted out. It is well know that if you ask 30 people their opinions you will get 30 different answers.

Apologies for the verbal diarrhoea!